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Re: foot switch noise

i'm a little confused...
(or maybe a big confused)
are you guys referring to the acoustic sound of the button or an 
electronic click?

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Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2002 3:04 PM
Subject: Re: foot switch noise

> yeah those clix are a big distraction-i remember when the <EH16DDL> came 
> and the start/stop and the repeat buttons became part of the 
> the trick was to have the click come on the beat and then you could 
> masquerade it.thank god that primitive technology has been 
> has it???
> s
> >>>> How loud are those switches? sometimes those big heavy-duty metal 
> > also make a heavy-duty loud klunk when you press them. I notice that
> > whenever I see people use the dl-4 in a quiet setting, or at the quiet
> > moment just as they start recording a loop. The loud noise of the 
>pedal is
> > distracting.<<
> > 
> > Gotta agree with Kim here - I'd LOVE to swap all the switches on my 
> > and DL4 for the same sort as are on the EDP foot pedal... what's with 
> > noise?????
> > 
> > Steve 
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