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Re: A FIX! (was Re: Behringer FCB1010 HELP!)

At 4:31 PM -0500 3/17/02, Michael LaMeyer wrote:
>THANK YOU!  attempting calibration now ...
>i've found that i've needed to program pc messages on the repeater 
>one number higher than listed in the repeater midi implementation 

I've confirmed this, though I've found that Loop Multiply can be 
triggered by either Program Change 0 or 1.

>i've been wondering about typos, because the procedure above was not 
>necessary for the Record pc message, which i've got set to pc4 on 
>the 1010, as it is in the chart.

This is odd, because Record IS Program Change 4, though it is listed 
as 3 in the chart.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202