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Re: Line 6 Filter Modeler

I've got a filter modeler I'd be willing to sell for $190 + shipping
including the Line6 line lump power supply. Home studio use only. (Feel 
to make counter-offers, but that's my rough estimate of what it's worth on
the used market.)

I really like my distortion modeler, but I find I'm just not using the
filter effects as much for what I'm doing.

A few days ago, I'd have been prepared to swap for an MM4, but I just took
the plunge for an AM8000R.


on 3/16/02 7:24 PM, Chris Richards at kohntarkosz@yahoo.com wrote:

> Someone asked about the Filter Modeler. It's a
> great pedal! If you're looking for a lot of
> different kind of filtering effects in one unit,
> this is the one to get. For 250 bucks, it can't
> be beat. The only real drawback is that you can
> only store four programs (at least, how the
> stompbox version is...the rack mount version I
> think stores like 99 programs).
> For what it's worth, the Delay Modeler and
> Modulation Modeler pedals are brilliant as well.
> Same drawback though: not enough memory.
> Oh, and before I forget, someone mentioned that
> John Scofield's bassist was using an Electro
> Harmonix pedal that looked like it might have
> been a graphic EQ, with faders on it. That's
> probably either a Micro Synthesizer, or an old 16
> Second Delay (which they still haven't reissued).