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Re: SV: Behringer FCB1010 HELP!


Thanks for the response.  I've been hacking away, and I posted some of 
what we've figured out in another post.  My basic issue is that some PC 
numbers seem to work, others do not.  WEIRD.  I've gotten around that by 
just using CC messages for everything.  It's an OK workaround, but I 
can't help but wonder, what the hell is going on?

It sure is nice to be able to use this puppy hands free now, though.  
The Repeater/FCB1010 marriage is a strange one... like two people from 
totally different cultures.  Different language, same basic needs.  
Different ideas of how to fulfill those needs, parts that fit together 
really well.  I think after a while of being together, they'll figure it 


On Sunday, March 17, 2002, at 03:12  AM, Per Boysen wrote:

>> Oh mein gott in himmel!  This manual SUCKS.  I've gone through the 
>> steps
>> 10 times now, and I can't for the life of me figure out the simplest of
>> programming changes.  What the hell?  Is there a trick I'm missing?
>> Thanks,
>> Mark Sottilaro
> Yes, you're right. That manual sucks. And there seems to be different
> versions of the content as well! I also got a Swedish translation with 
> my
> 1010 and the translator must have been reading from another source 
> thatn the
> English manual; telling completly different methods for programming 
> global
> commands. One were completly wrong and the other worked fine ;-)
> Guess you'd better post specific questions. And there must be a lot on 
> the
> 1010 in the archives by now.
> Best wishes
> Per Boysen
> - never trust a manual