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Re: EDP Footpedal

I dont know what you read but being here for a while there wasn't a lot
footpedal problems since 4 years;
your remark seems to me a lot exagerated.
my edp footpedal works fine now for 4 years in very heavy use/abuse 
IMHO it would be a waste of power to dedicate the powerful pmc to
replace the basic edp fsw functions.You will end using both at the time
with the special functions on the pmc
and to conclude, once you use the edp for looping you want to be able to
reach for the basic looping function at any point without banking on a
midifootcontroler untill you reach the edp page
go for it its made for it


PS: If your scared get yourself some spare switches from mouser Part

"M. Steven Ginn" wrote:
> I am getting ready to get an EDP but after reading about how flimsy the
> foot pedal that is made for it can be and how some have built their own
> ... Can anyone offer advice about this?  I am wondering if it really is
> that delicate and if so, how difficult would it be to make my own and
> where could I get the parts?  I also own a PMC-10 as well.
> Thanks,
> Steve