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Re: EDP Footpedal

i made my own pedal with the same metal switches as used in the 
they make a little more noise than the plastic switches on the original 
edp footswitch,
but not as much as the heavy duty 4lb switches like they use on the cry 
they also have a little longer throw than the original edp fs.
but they are very sturdy.

it also has an auxiliary switch out (parallel to internal switches)
i use this for an extra record switch. 
i'm still working out the best switch for this.  
i'm thinking of using a keyboard sustain pedal.
you could also connect another full edp footswitch if you just wanted
control from two locations, etc...
these jacks are isolated from the chassis to avoid the static
electricity problem outlined on the loopers-delight footpedal tutorial.
(the metal bezels on the buttons are also isolated from the cable)

i put this in a hammond caste aluminum enclosure that is 7.4" x 4.7"
with two columns of buttons.  this is pretty small for most people but 
i was most concerned with space on my pedal board.

i have thought about selling these for, say, $150. anybody interested?

improvements i might add:
  - an a/b switch for controlling two edp's (separately, not both 
  - led's showing which is selected.
     led's require a dc power in or a battery, but you could use 
     the footswitch without power if you don't want this)
  - maybe a larger box for those with lot's of space to kill
  - special order requests?

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Subject: EDP Footpedal

> I am getting ready to get an EDP but after reading about how flimsy the
> foot pedal that is made for it can be and how some have built their own
> ... Can anyone offer advice about this?  I am wondering if it really is
> that delicate and if so, how difficult would it be to make my own and
> where could I get the parts?  I also own a PMC-10 as well.
> Thanks,
> Steve