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Re: Repeater MIDI controller question

I just got my Behringer controller last night, and since I first read this
post wrong, it's possible that others did too.

> > The combination of the Repeater's midi implementation and the
> > Behringer works pretty well, especially if the Repeater is the ONLY
> > beast you're controlling.  This is due to the fact that the midi
> > channel of the CC's (2), program changes (5) and the expression
> > pedals (2) that the 1010 can send need to be setup GLOBALLY.  this
> > kindof sucks, since you might want the expression pedals to control
> > one unit on one patch, but another unit on another patch.  No can do
> > on the 1010.

I thought that program changes go on one midi channel, ccs on another etc.
(In retrospect, multiple PC commands on the same midi channel make no
sense.) >Each< of the program changes, CCs and expression pedals and the
midi note can be set to a different midi channel. I.E. Globally all of the
Program changes #1 go on one midi channel, all the Program changes #2 can 
to a different channel etc. etc.

This still means you can only control one midi note out channel, and the
expression pedals are set for one channel use :< But it means that you can
control up to 5 devices via PC and 2 via CC from the unit. Cool!