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RE: New Kaoss pad with sampling/BPM effects

I own one of these.  It's one of the contributing factors to me being an EDP owner.
I originally saw the edp being used in Kauai, I went to an old church and saw Benedetti and Svoboda (sp?) and they were using one for a rhythmic base, I was blown away by these two classical guitarist getting down with middle eastern music.
I later got my dj rig, which included the Numark EM-360 mixer with the KAOSS pad built in.
The coolest part was the sampler feature, which didn't have enough memory (max 5 second sample) to make it uber-useful, but it was really fun and a great introduction to sampling and looping.  The effects on the KAOSS pad were fun for making a mess with, but the sampler was by far the hot attraction. 
Time marches on and electronic components fail, and such was the way of the EM-360 mixer.  It's cross fader crapped out, and I decided to upgrade to my current rig, which included an edp.
I am a happy owner ever since.  I had sometimes thought of removing the edp from my circuit path, due to lack of imagination on how to use it, but as it grows more organic to my music making, and I learn more techniques and how to incorporate them with my playing, I take the opposite path and grow more and more fond of it.
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