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Re: EDP Problem - Problem Solved... kinda?!

OK, so I have very good news and very strange news.

The very good news: I was able to completely eliminate the strange noise.

The very strange news: I did this by swapping out the EPROMS currently
in the EDP and replacing them with another pair.  The wierd buzzy sound
completely vanished.  Then I put the set I'd had in earlier this evening
back in the EDP.  The wierd buzzy sound was there again.  Now I've put
the older EPROMS back in and it sounds great.

Just to squash any urban legends before they hatch: This has nothing at
all to do with EDPs as they currently exist, because the EPROM I seem to
have fried is... um, something other than LoopIII.

Kim?  Matthias?  Wanna send me an Oakland address where I can ship a
couple of MIDI-microwaved EPROMS for an Aurisis Autopsy?  This is really
fuckin' strange...  and that sound was absolutely not in the EPROMS
prior to my MIDI mangling.

I think my Roland 626 drum machine needs to spend some time in Kim's pad
before the beta-test phase is utterly complete...  (This lends a whole
new definition to the phrase "deadly groove.")


--Andre, Merciless (albiet Inadvertent) Destroyer of EPROMS