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EDP Problem

I'm currently experiencing a strange anomaly with my EDP -- upon
recording an overdub, I'm getting a strange, hissy, fuzzy sound on each
note.  I'm not clipping the input LED, nor the feedback LED.

This is NOT the same (very subtle) anomaly I noticed five years ago;
this is a completely different and new thing, which is much more
pronounced, and new as of today.  

The straight, un-looped guitar signal is pristine and completely 

Before starting tonight, I did notice one strange thing: I sent a MIDI
drum machine pattern into the EDP, which ended up triggering all sorts
of strange functions and parameters.  (I inadvertently sent one of the
factory presets, rather than my own EDP-oriented patterns.)  The EDP
made a very strange and very loud buzz momentarily, and then had to be
re-started.  Could this possibly have any impact on introducing
fuzz/buzz into the audio path?  I'm hard-pressed to see how a series of
MIDI commands would end up introducing signal degredation into the audio
path (especially after several resets and restarts...)

Does anyone have any recent experience with regards to how long the
turn-around time is for EDP repair at Gibson?

Any help or advice would be appreciated ASAP, especially since this may
well impact some planned gigs in the forseeable future...