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Digitech Jam-Man style GNX3

Anyone played with their Digitech GNX3 at all?  On board 8 track
recorder with up to 25 minutes recording time as well as the following
from the the FAQ

Can the recorder function as a looper?
After entering loop mode, each of the recorder's 8 tracks can be looped
and  layered just as a traditional looper. With the power of 8 separate
loops and expandable external memory, the GNX3 might just be the most
powerful looping device available. Once you stop the loop function, all
the audio remains in tact on the SmartMedia™ card-or in the internal
memory for further development later.

How long of a loop can be used?
The length of the loop is determined by the length of the first loop you
record.  Each subsequent layer or loop will automatically fit the length
of the first  loop. The length of the first loop only depends on
available memory-from milliseconds to hours.

...from milliseconds to HOURS!!!!  I'm curious about how the interface
works and how much flex you really have in how you loop, but this sounds