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Re: LOOPING CAPITOL OF THE UNIVERSE: San Luis Obispo vs. Santa Cruz

> "and now I hear rumors that there may be a couple
> more looping gigs featuring LD members on the 28th and 29th.
> What the heck's going on around here, and why does SLO suddenly seem to 
> the center of the looping universe?"
> Now, hold on there!!!!    Master U.K. Bass Looper Steve Lawson has been
> quoted as
> saying that  "Santa Cruz is the looping capitol of the Universe".

Master or not, I still contest that SC wins... one weekend of loop 
activity cannot 
compensate for years of loopaliciousness in SC... and let's not forget 
that this recent run 
of looping festivals was commenced by Rick in SC with the bass looping 
fest last 
January (me and Max and Scott and Trey happened to be playing as well, but 
none of 
us are big name draws, let's face it - it was Rick's hard work that made 
that happen...) 

Oh and BTW, places like NYC/London/Berlin etc. are discounted due to an 
number of Monkeys' clause in the looping capital contest rules - cities of 
that size are 
out due to the likelihood of loopers just being there without much in the 
way of 'scene 
building' by anyone in quite the same way, despite the enourmous and 
contributions to the world of looping made by 
Riley/Reich/Cage/Torn/Eno/etc. etc. Their 
genuis, unless I'm much mistaken was less about functioning as part of a 
scene, and 
more about trail-blazing... now there's a discussion starter, certainly a 
concept I'm willing 
to have challenged by those more knowledgeable on here, and one that 
sounds far more weighty than such a trivial discussion starter deserves... 

But in the SLO/SC show down, SLO has got years of catching up to do... 
unknown loopers such as we can turn up about play to over a hundred 
people, there has 
to be some kind of scene happening..! 

..the nice thing is now, I do seem to have an iddy-biddy little following 
in SC thanks to 
Rick's hard work - a high proportion of the people at the recent loop fest 
with Rick, me, 
Richard Z, Bill and Orbis had seen me play before and were back for more 
which was rather nice! :o)