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re: Wierdstuff effects

Rainer Staschill wrote:
" Which weird effector could be recommended to a looper in the current

Dear Rainer,    the ZOOM 1201 processor (now out of print) has no midi
controllability, no display, no on-off button on the face plate and the
ugliest faceplate in the history of effects box graphics.

It also, however, has the largest collection of 'wierd' of any box in
history for the money (they only cost $150 US new).
They have an A and B banks with largely forgettable reverbs and guitar
but the C bank is wonderful, including,   noise sources, ring modulators,
lo-fi patches, a working vocoder (!).

I love to use it when I want to seriously screw something up.............

The graphics are so ugly, that I glued shiny metallic rave paper over mine
and now I can't tell what's in it,  so I use it as my 'mystery' box when I
want some new thing without using my concious mind............but then,  a
lot of people think I am crazy...........   ;-)

see if you can find one...........it's so cheap, it's just great to have it
in your studio.

yours, Rick Walker (loop.pool)