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Re: Bass Looping and Bowing Techniques

>  I even went out
>and purchased some very, very thin brass sheets so that I can wrap a 5" 
>section around the bracing of the bow to create a portable slide.


>I just love when I can make acoustic instruments sound like 
>electronic instruments
>with lots of processing.

especially because you never manage to make them sound as badly (cold...)

>   Bowing the candy dishes is particularly cool,
>because when you stop bowing, the sound
>stops abruptly and it sounds remarkably like a backwards sample of the 
>bowl being struck:   very ethereal!!

we also talked about simulation of reverse sound, when driving back from 
Seems to be the next challenge for mankind, since airplane, robot and 
clone are working, we need to reverse our aging!

well, at some point, mankind gave up dreaming to make gold out of 
anything else. Seems that not all can become true.

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