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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Here we go

meninos, so many mails! I am still not through and feel I should say 

I am very pleased that there is so much enthusiasm and that friends 
want to include me in the program!

I have a reservation on April 2 but it only means that I have to pay 
100 $ if I want to change it. There is nothing in Brasil that pushes 
me back. So as long as I can be useful and sustain myself here, I 
want to stay and to it.
Until then I am totally free, so it would be paradox if I would name days.

The only moment I hope to be occupied is Sun 17, when Brahma Kumaris 
do the World Peace Meditation that I play for monthly in Salvador for 
3 years.
Maybe some of you may be interested in living this, since its a very 
concrete application of the music I am into for years. I like to try 
out all kinds of music like on Saturday, but what I am really 
experienced in is the more subtle sound tracks...
Maybe some of you can indicate other groups that are open to support 
their rituals and speeches with live music...

There are distinct proposals that can all turn out brilliant, but I 
dont know, because I dont know the places and possible public and so 

Does the population of SLO talk so much about our meeting that the 
space will be packed this time? ;-)

I like Ricks post because there are a lot of names in it and he must 
be a good reference there, so...

I was thinking about doing the thing here at Kim during the weekend 23/24
He thought rather of a concert, me rather of a workshop. It could be 
He thinks it could have continuity.
I suggest that regularly, two loopers meet and find a way to hook up 
their equipment and make it go along. That would be an interesting 
challenge for the public to watch and a way to come out of solitude.

I observe that even old EDP users are not aware of handy tricks. It 
must be difficult to find which ones are really important for our 
music and remember them - maybe similar to the keyboard shortcuts on 
computers: you mainly learn them from looking at others hands, not 
from the manual, no?
So I thought I wanted to show and explain how we figured that people 
could use our functions. And I could observe players and indicate 
where something is not as fluent as it could be.
Since I dont have the right to work here, this could be on a 
voluntary contribution bases.
Yes, sure, I could do a lousy video and sell it for much, but it 
would be more isolation for me and you... after all I feel that the 
number of mails today reflect the fact that we met physically on the 
weekend, no?

So yes, whatever is possible should be started. The sooner it starts, 
the further we get!

Thank you!


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