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RE: Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

OK, I'm back--
A rainy night in San Diego--no trombone tonight, also no LD folks (that I
could tell), which is probably fine, since there was roughly as much 
on this gig as on the one I slammed Stig about last year--less singing in
tongues, however.  Still, I was happy to implement looping as backup for
solo and nobody seemed to know or care--a good thing?
Anyway, the reason I waste bandwidth; on the way down to the gig, I 
to a compilation CD of Sam (Leslie) Phillips, and was reminded that one of
the songs features a loop--it's from the album Omnipop, called Slapstick
Heart, evidently an instrumental track she got from  REM, and a very
tasteful use of looping.  I recommend the song (a lot of her stuff is 
and more to the point, wonder if anyone has a tale of how it came to given
to her.  The loop is mixed in and out, serving as a sort of glue, over
various pedal points.  Does any other REM stuff include loops?