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Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

Here's a last minute notice--
I'm appearing at 8 pm (tonight!) at the Waterfront on Kettner in San Diego
(delicious steaks--call for reservations) in a duo with Tim Cook (pedal
steel, bass guitar and trombone--Country Dick Montana named him 
using the new EDP (so I don't have to break the old one out of the rack) to
loop Acoustic Guitar (Taylor 410).  LD shirt gets you a free beer. Bring ax
and jam (toast will be provided).  Sorry about short notice, but I just got
the call.  Second time there--last time no one objected to the looping--it
was Tim I was worried about, and he said it was fine (He won't let me bring
a drum machine, so a bit of a Luddite there).

I would like to reiterate that when the date for Kim and Matthias' show is
announced, I will immediately make arrangements to be there--and that ain't
no jive.