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Bass Loopers/CaliTour/JamManUpgrade etc.

Wow!  What a deluge of e-mails over the past few days!  It has taken me 
hours to wade thru it all!
OK....the tour thing: Andre seems to have a good handle on what's going 
I think we need to re-size out thinking and scale down to something more 
manageable, if only for "this go round".
I would be over-joyed to play again with anyone from Loopstock...and esp. 
hook up with Matthias, and Andre (whose duet CD is all that has been 
claimed...stunningly beautiful! I really cannot stop listening to 
it...except maybe to listen to a little bit of Ted's CD...then back to 
Andre's..then back to Ted's...hmmm maybe I should just make a loop of the 
both them?)
Nonetheless....all the Loopstock/Cali Tour posts, and then crops up the 
bass loopers thread!  WOW...and hey my name is in there! shucks and 
thanks...also glad you Loopstockers are enjoying my CD!

I have spent the better part of the past 24 hours getting inside this 
upgrade.  Yes there are some cool features, but I am unsure how how 
it may be.  Some of the MIDI functions (like track fade, and reverse fade) 
seem to not work all the time...which is bothersome to say the least :-(
and the unit seems (I must stress the "seems", it's been a long 24 hours!) 
to be noisier.  The input and output controls have definitely changed, and 
the loop playback is now somewhat distanced (meaning the difference 
my real-time sound and the loop sound is NOTICEABLE!)
Maybe I'll just put the old JamMan chip back in....and get another 
looper....edp or repeater...edp or repeater...edp or repeater....

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