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Bass Bowing: a national loop?

I wrote:
>  spent a couple of hours
> playing  musical saw, then brass candy dishes, then a large gopichand
> (monochord instrument
> from India) and finally my 3/4 scale electric bass

bobdog replied:
"funny, i've been spending some time bowing a set of crotales (one octave)
pair of cheap chinese bass bows & working on some electric cello playing

With Scott Kungha Drengsens bowing exploits it means that we had an
Bowed Bass Loop occuring in real time.

too cool, bobdog.   I love bowing crotales.............I got really lucky
and picked up the entire zildgian set many years ago
($1,250 list) for $200.    I played them as melodies in the Bass Looping
Tour last summer that got televised (and is running over and over on local
cable access tv right now-----what great advertising!!)

We've got to play together again, someday soon, bobdog.

yours, Rick