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Scratch - the movie/DJ's and Repeaters

I did a test to see how well the Repeater took the prerecorded dance loops 
of my
Roland MC-307 and did a beat detect.  A lot of the beats had heavy shuffle
action going on, so I was amazed to find the Repeater seemed to track the 
almost perfectly!  As good as MIDI synch.  I don't use it this way, but I
imagine it would be perfect if I were playing with a DJ.


Kim Flint wrote:

> At 09:57 AM 3/6/2002, Dylan DeAnda wrote:
> >Here's how I use the turntables with the echoplex:
> hey Dylan, thanks for posting all of that, I found it really interesting!
> Do you have any recordings available to hear you do it? and is there some
> place we can go see you do it live? I would really enjoy that.
> I always thought that live looping would be completely natural for dj's 
> get into, I'm glad to see that happening more and more.
> >If any of this DJ/Sampler hoo ha sounds interesting, I would offer up 
> >of the better names of DJ's who use a sampler with natural proficiency:
> >DJ Radar (www.djradar.com) He works with 1 turntable, a mixer and an
> >echoplex and makes the most fantastic scratch based music as a one-man 
> I've heard of dj radar before, and was fascinated. he even plays 
> for an orchestra piece, and developed a system of notation for scratching
> right?
> However, I wish he would actually mention the fact that what he uses is 
> a "customized sampler" with no name, but a "looper" that happens to be an
> EDP. (I have no idea what he customized on it, probably just audio 
> or added phono inputs or something.)  A looper is not the same as a 
> and one doesn't really substitute for the other. I suspect he might just 
> frustrating other dj's who want to try something like him, but do not 
> what device to get. If they try to get a sampler it won't work and they
> might give up. Seems to me he could do more to promote the idea among 
> by directing people to the idea of a "looper" instead of a mysterious
> sampler...
> >Things I wish I could do with my turntables and echoplex:
> >I wish I could stutter.  I still haven't figured out how to do it with a
> >single plex.
> The Mute-Insert combination is what we call ReTrigger. Press Mute. Then
> press Insert to come out of Mute. This triggers the loop from the 
> to play once and then mute again. It also lets you retrigger, so if you
> press Insert repeatedly at that point you will get your stutter effect.
> There is a similar feature using the BeatSync. with the sync parameter 
> to In, you press Mute and the Multiply. This arms the loop to wait for a
> trigger on the BeatSync. This can be something like a momentary 
> or a pulse output, or even a strong audio pulse. It will trigger and
> retrigger the loop the same as Mute-Insert does from the front panel.
> In the next software we are adding some additional midi commands to do
> retriggers at any time.
> kim
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