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RE: Scratch - the movie/DJ's and Echoplexes

At 09:57 AM 3/6/2002, Dylan DeAnda wrote:

>Here's how I use the turntables with the echoplex:

hey Dylan, thanks for posting all of that, I found it really interesting! 
Do you have any recordings available to hear you do it? and is there some 
place we can go see you do it live? I would really enjoy that.

I always thought that live looping would be completely natural for dj's to 
get into, I'm glad to see that happening more and more.

>If any of this DJ/Sampler hoo ha sounds interesting, I would offer up some
>of the better names of DJ's who use a sampler with natural proficiency:
>DJ Radar (www.djradar.com) He works with 1 turntable, a mixer and an
>echoplex and makes the most fantastic scratch based music as a one-man 

I've heard of dj radar before, and was fascinated. he even plays turntable 
for an orchestra piece, and developed a system of notation for scratching 

However, I wish he would actually mention the fact that what he uses is 
a "customized sampler" with no name, but a "looper" that happens to be an 
EDP. (I have no idea what he customized on it, probably just audio routing 
or added phono inputs or something.)  A looper is not the same as a 
and one doesn't really substitute for the other. I suspect he might just 
frustrating other dj's who want to try something like him, but do not know 
what device to get. If they try to get a sampler it won't work and they 
might give up. Seems to me he could do more to promote the idea among dj's 
by directing people to the idea of a "looper" instead of a mysterious 

>Things I wish I could do with my turntables and echoplex:
>I wish I could stutter.  I still haven't figured out how to do it with a
>single plex.

The Mute-Insert combination is what we call ReTrigger. Press Mute. Then 
press Insert to come out of Mute. This triggers the loop from the 
to play once and then mute again. It also lets you retrigger, so if you 
press Insert repeatedly at that point you will get your stutter effect.

There is a similar feature using the BeatSync. with the sync parameter set 
to In, you press Mute and the Multiply. This arms the loop to wait for a 
trigger on the BeatSync. This can be something like a momentary 
or a pulse output, or even a strong audio pulse. It will trigger and 
retrigger the loop the same as Mute-Insert does from the front panel.

In the next software we are adding some additional midi commands to do 
retriggers at any time.


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