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Re: BASS LOOPERS to know about

>  I produced the first Bass Looping Tour last year
> with Max, Steve Lawson,
> Michael Manring and myself.
> Although a bassist, I am better known as a
> drummer/percussionist/found
> object/invented object looper).

wow, that is quite a feat...congratulations!
> I just thought that if you are interested in bass
> loopers that you also
> should check into these people:

thanks, i will definitely look into them.  out of that
group, i am only really familiar with michael
manring's work.  what i have heard him do blew me away
and opened my mind to a new world of possibilities for
the bass.

> One of these days, I have plans to put out at least
> an EP  mini CD of solo
> bass work, myself.   I have the least chops of any
> of these fine bassists
> but I play the bass as if I were some Shamanic Papua
> New Guinea musician
> encountering
> an electric bass guitar with a hell of a lot of
> processing effects for the
> very first time:  minimalistic , but, hopefully,
> creative and interesting.

i too plan to eventually release some of the solo
ideas (and now loop pieces - i now own an electrix
repeater - woo hoo!) that i have been working on over
the years...if not anywhere else, on a web site that i
have plans to put together.  i am currently working
with a few ground level projects that will hopefully
hit the live music scene in the city in a few
months...but my style tends to be what i call 'liquid
bass' or 'cosmic bass.'  it stems from smooth
syncopation and trying to capture a fluid feel.  i
have a few techniques that i have been developing that
really capture this idea.  i plan to do some recording
in the near future and would be happy to pass along
copies to anyone interested in hearing my vision.
> I will also be producing the second annual Bass
> Looping Tour sometime later
> in this year in Northern California.
> Watch for it................and send me some of your
> material for possible
> inclusion or, at the very least, to be able to play
> between acts at the
> festival.    

i will definitely get something out to you to check
out...and i'll watch for further info on this.  when
would you like to have something by?

> Last year, I did an entire piece in
> Berkeley using a cut off of
> Cameron Street's cd as
> an ambient backdrop just so that he could say that
> he participated from as
> far away as Australia.

great music transcends miles and miles...

> Yours, in the subsonic sphere of the the looping
> world,
> Rick Walker (aka, Loop.pooL)

thanks again, rick...
e va n|s sa b 

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