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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Narrowing it down

Kim said,

> I've been planning to do a clinic/show with Matthias at my warehouse
> towards the end of the month, which would be a lot easier than carting
> everything across the bay to Bananas. (and a lot more centrally located 
> others in the bay area.) no details yet, so this doesn't count as an
> announcement. :-)  I don't think I'd want to try to host a whole bill of
> performers, though. we've got enough things to do this month already....

This could be the missing link in the equation, I think...

If the SLO venue availability Hans mentioned starting Thursday, March
28th could be pinned down, possibly in conjunction with something else
on that Friday in SLO, that would fit into Max's schedule, as his wife
has the week off.  That Saturday or Sunday could serve as a good day for
Kim and Matthias' clinic/thing.  Max and Matthias could consummate their
duo ambitions, and I definitely want to see Kim and Matthias talking EDP
shop in person.  And if I happen to have any EDP insights not thoroughly
addressed by Mr. Flint or Senor Grob, I'd be delighted to offer whatever
I can in such a forum.

If something else could be arranged in the Bay Area for that weekend
(maybe a house concert?), then I think this is extremely do-able.  Any
Bay Area listers have a big basement?

The one problem I see with this specific plan is that Zvonar needs to be
in LA on the 30th, which would make it unlikely for him.  And Max has
duties to tend to during the week, so arranging it around the week of
the 22nd would make things more complex for him...

I could do either weekend, though it would be good for me to know which
one it'll be ASAP.  

At this point, I say let's let Kim and Matthias decide when they want to
do their clinic, and arrange things around that.  Needless to say, I
don't expect the SLO openings to remain open indefinitely, so the sooner
that could be confirmed, the better... 

But I don't want to make life complex for Kim.  (OK, Flint, I'll give
you a few hours to stop laughing at that last sentence coming from Andre 

What do you say, Aurisis Lads?