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Re: Loopstock 2002...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, it's really 2199 and you're in a pod of goo, getting your reality via a direct connection to your cerebral cortex, so it really doesn't matter, I guess. I for one, am going to try and imagine lighter, smaller gear... glowing green and pink.....

As much as I like the versatility of my rack mounted gear, preset a-plenty, I really miss the days of a dozen stomp boxes with knobs and more knobs...

On Tuesday, March 5, 2002, at 08:52 PM, Hans Lindauer wrote:

I suppose I could have done much the same performance with just two turntables and an EDP, but it wouldn't have looked nearly as cool. :)  My rig is called the "Analogue Audio Workstation," with a 20 kHz CPU, LP-ROM drives, six-voice synthesis module, dual monitor support, and no memory.  Although the operating system is a little outdated, I really like the user interface.

Thanks again Hans! Hans, btw, I'm seriously worried about the possibility of you getting a hernia. DAMN do you have gear! An impressive showing of force, but I left thinking, "I wonder if they could have done much the same show with 2 turntables, mics, two iBooks, and an EDP or so..."

Mark Sottilaro