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Re: Loopstock 2002...

>I think Jon Wagner (his performance with Mattias Grob  made me weep, I 
>swear!) made a dat of the whole thing.

Thanks for the kind words Mark!  This weekend and the days leading up to 
were extremely special for me.

About the recordings, I have several DAT tapes to wade through.  I am sure 
we missed Stan Card and Steven Rice's performance as my DAT recorder 
a little too late.  I don't recall how much of Mark Hamburg's performance 
on tape.  To the best of my knowledge I think we've got everything else.  
sincerely apologize to those if their performances are incomplete, but 
is the way things turned out.

I'll be importing everything to my computer and separating out each 
performance.  As per Rick's post, I have decided not to release any 
performances without the express permission of the performer/s.  I will be 
contacting each of the performers in the next few days to see how we will 
procede.  Kim has volunteered to place .mp3 files on the web site for 
that want their music public.

My quick review of loopstock:
-Amazing group of people with an excellent vibe in the room.
-Every single performer had multiple moments that really connected with 
crowd on many levels.
-Each performance was truly different from the others, and inspiring in 
own way.
-Many performers experienced technical difficulties which we all 
all performers overcame them with grace and style.
-The amount of talent in the room was probably sending the earth off its 


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