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Re: Loopstock appreciation - Walker Family = Genetic Loop Predisposition

Mark Landman wrote:
> Bill Walker- Another big WOW! Very musical and intelligent playing (I
> guess these are Walker family traits), Perhaps the most effective use
> (for me at least) of Repeater's capabilities. Bill, you absolutely
> have to get this recorded, and let us know when you do!

Have to chime in quickly and say that Bill's set was definitely a
highlight for me.  Aside from his GREAT playing, what I took from his
performance was that it's still completely possible to present a solo
guitar and looping show that falls somewhere in the "ambient" zone...
but have it be VERY fresh, original, and engaging.  And as Mark alluded
to, Bill's use of the Repeater really opened my eyes; for me personally,
he seemed to be exploiting that particular unit's unique features in a
way I haven't otherwise heard.  

Man, what is it with you Walker brothers?!  :()