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Re: My Generation

Scott McGregor Moore wrote:

> Thanks for sharing that story Richard. The Who were the first major
> band I ever experienced and a mind altering experience. The opening
> act, Ottawa locals MRQ (Modern Rock Quartet), performed a great set
> and I said to my date "Why aren't these guys as big as the Who?"
> Then the Who exploded onto the stage with Young Man's Blues
> (this was circa Live At Leeds) and my jaw just hit the floor!
> I have never been the same again - I may create ambient music now
> but that night is always resonating within me.
> (Pete's a damned tasteful synthesist too)
> Cheers,
> Scott M2
> http://www.dreamSTATE.to
> ambientelectronicsoundscapes
> http://www.THEAMBiENTPiNG.com

i wasn't going to, but this prompted me to chime in- i also caught the
who at that show in oakland with the grateful dead (which we all thought
a rather odd bill at the time). pardon me if i don't remember much more
than pete's trademark windmills and a really stellar rendition of st.
stephen by garcia et al (it was the '70's mind you)...

a small side note: there's quite a nice letter to the editor of tape op
in the last issue by mr. townshend himself, lauding the merits of that
particular enterprise. nice to see pete's reading good stuff...