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Re: A Post Loopsatock Debriefing (One Perspective)

Dr. Zvonar,

In a message dated 3/4/02 10:42:40 PM, zvonar@zvonar.com writes:

>I have several, but just wasn't in a mood to be hawking them at the 

Well, I know what you mean about "hawking." But selling a few of 
my own made the whole trip a lot more reasonable of a proposition 
to my better half. Anyway, if you'd let me know what is available --
and where -- I just might buy a few. Your set was great! I have a certain
background in "electronic music" from a decade or 2 ago and very
much appreciated what you were doing. I used to be in SEAMUS back
in Los Angeles (I was once president of the LA chapter) and participated
in and also put on many "electro-acoustic" shows around college music 
departments in Southern Calif and on KPFK's "Music of the Americas"
with pals Jeff Kaiser and Bernardo Feldman. Those were fun years...
but so are these.



PS: Oh! Just in case you are wondering. Dr. Bob Sterling is actually 
a medical doctor -- an ER surgeon in fact. He works about 10 days
a month and surfs and plays drums the rest of the time. Such a life.