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Re: Loopstock 2002...


hey...back in the saddle after the weekend loopstock adventure. 
probably got to head off list for a little while to get some work 
done, but i thought i would chime in for a thanks and a round of 
applause to y'all.  what a cool day!  one part concert, one part club 
meeting, part happening, part workshop, plus more...all shaken (not 
stirred) into a cool vibe concoction with beautiful weather, a great 
space, and a killer p.a. to boot.  yowza.

a few special moments still caught in my internal loop memory:

matthias' guitar playing!  outta sight.  moving and flowing.  his 
duet'ing with his previous passage thing was so cool that i'm gonna 
crib that one.

jon and rick's percussion sets and positive vibes... inspiring.  thanks.

bill...smooth!  very nice and i must pick your brain sometime about 
your DL4 expression pedal implementation.  i find mine frustrating 
and you made it all feel SO organic.

hans... everything supersuper except the introductions.  didn't know 
who half of y'all were until hours were passed.  next time...group 
intro before the tunes roll, maybe?   your set was excellent.  your 
setup was.... well.... damn!
how much is Ernie Ball paying you?  i want in!

stan just plain ol' rocked.  too bad more of you weren't there to 
catch his opening set.  i want to see him play with a band!

dr. z's "my generation" sonic mayhem segment just made my day.  just 
to hear that much mashing going on all at once made the hair on my 
neck stand up.

that and more, for sure, i'd like to say a bit about everyone's 
sets...but i gotta get movin'...

thanks again.  thanks everyone for your kind words for our set.  it 
was so great to get some response for this slow (but constant) 
momentum Garden of Pomegranates thang that we've been woodshedding on 
for so long.



ps.  thanks and no thanks to y'all who bummed me cigarettes.  i could 
tell i was nervous and excited to be there as i was bumming ALL DAY. 
shit, my lungs hurt as i haven't had a cigarette in a YEAR.  back on 
the wagon.