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Re: prog-rock (way off-topic)

some more suggestions...i guess...although i'm still fuzzy on what 
exactly a 'prog' rock band is...

Amon Duul
Tangerine Dream

and i'm gonna have to disagree with the statement that "most of us 
have relatively similar taste", even though, yes, we may have more 
common threads of likes than a random sampling of individuals.

i've found way out tastes on this list...stuff i've never listened to 
and maybe never will.  plus, my feeling is that a good number of 
people on this list have tastes that are so wide and varied that it 
would be hard to pin their tastes down to a specific style or genre 
altogether.  hopefully, i could put myself on that list as well.

when you've just met someone and they ask "what are you into?  what 
kindof music do you like?"

...and i play back the cd's i've just listened to that day in my 
head, and it may (or may not) look something like this:

charlie parker
willie nelson
buena vista social club
bill frisell
pink floyd
martin denny

What the hell do you tell them?  and i consider my tastes pretty tame 
compared to some of the boys (mostly) and girls of LD.

best regards,


>How about 'Yes' and ELP (Emerson Lake and Palmer)?
>On Friday, March 1, 2002, at 04:46 AM, Jimmy Fowler wrote:
>>hi all...considering most of us have relatively similar taste (we're 
>>together than, say, any random assembly of individuals at least), i'm 
>>digging for some new (new to me) progressive rock bands.  i do love kc 
>>early 80's, i don't like dream theatre-types, so any suggestions are
>>welcome.  progressive rock is the one field i'm not terribly familar with
>>(as opposed to jazz, independent rock, classical which i have a pretty 
>>grasp on).
>>thanks for the suggestions.
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