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Re: prog-rock (way off-topic)

How about 'Yes' and ELP (Emerson Lake and Palmer)?

On Friday, March 1, 2002, at 04:46 AM, Jimmy Fowler wrote:

> hi all...considering most of us have relatively similar taste (we're 
> closer
> together than, say, any random assembly of individuals at least), i'm 
> really
> digging for some new (new to me) progressive rock bands.  i do love kc 
> from
> early 80's, i don't like dream theatre-types, so any suggestions are
> welcome.  progressive rock is the one field i'm not terribly familar 
> with
> (as opposed to jazz, independent rock, classical which i have a pretty 
> firm
> grasp on).
> thanks for the suggestions.
> -jim

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