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Roland V-drums/Echoplex Digi Pro ???


I just hooked up my new EDP to my Roland V-drum brain exactly according to the instructions in the EDP manual. (Example 4.2 Syncing a drum machine or sequencer to the exhoplex)  Double checked it all...

I hoped to get the echoplex to trigger a little 1 measure beat that I sequenced into my TD-10 Roland sound module brain, but they did'nt seem to hit it off like I had hoped!!! No communication.

Anyone had any luck with this???  Are there certain settings I need to use for the Roland brain?

Or should I just go back to making a living playing ACOUSTIC again??!!!! (Just kiddin'! This is way too much fun!) 

Thanks much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Just curious - When do y'all expect to have the new EDP software out?

P.P.S. Hopin' to make it out from Madison, WI to see y'all loop in "San Loopis Obispo." Good Luck in advance!


Bradley Fish

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