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Lofi Lotech Lopriced Looper

I have been an LD observer for a while now and I would like to know if 
anyone can help me out.
I am a performing artist and am currently developing a project where I 
require many (about 10) lofi, lotech and hopefully lowpriced loopers.
Basically what Im after is a circuit that::

*Samples a raw audio signal, of maximum 6 seconds, starting when the 
commences and finishing when the signal stops.
*Instantanious, continuous looping of this sample until another is 
*A mute feature of some description. (ON/OFF/ON)
*Low price.

Each unit is going to be separated, so 1 stand alone product is not an 
option as far as I can see. I have some experience building my own 
electronic devices, so a reasonably easy schematic of a circuit for such a 
device would be OK.

If anyone knows of a product or indeed can give ANY information about what 
require, I would be eternally grateful.
Sorry if any of the terminology is incorrect or confusing.
Nathan Thompson

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