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RE: echoplex question

New band name . . . Fancy Pants and the Old Farts

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Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 8:10 AM
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Subject: Re: echoplex question

> > way.  Purty elegant and it achieves the desired
> > effect--
> right, but in a live situation, MIDI isn't all that
> practical...i'm talking about performing with a band
> and layering a loop over a jam

I think the reason that everyone is talking about a midi solution is
specificaly for live situations - you plug in a midi footpedal and go. As I
explained, you don't need midi to do this trick - you can do it with the
regular EDP footpedal and an expression pedal, or even the front panel.
Still, it's still a trick - from the sound of it, the repeater is what you

Speaking of Echoplex Footpedals, is there anyone interested in an echoplex
footpedal for, say $50? Let me know offlist.

.  i'm looking to this
> as easily as possible so that i can easily build my
> loop.  i'm going to check out a repeater and an
> echoplex and see what is what...i might just stick
> with my rc-20 (for my purposes, it seems
> fine...especially since i'll have to macguyver up
> something to do what i want no matter what machine i'm
> using)

I disagree. The repeater does it fine. I apologize - all us old farts on 
list got all excited about this fancy pants trick on the echoplex, when the
simple answer you needed to hear was: no - get a repeater. :> No