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Re: echoplex question

> I disagree. The repeater does it fine. I apologize -
> all us old farts on the
> list got all excited about this fancy pants trick on
> the echoplex, when the
> simple answer you needed to hear was: no - get a
> repeater. :> No mcguyvering
> necessary.

thanks for the sound advice bIz, i appreciate all the
help that this list has offerred.  i'd really love to
hear what all of you have been creating with these
machines and techno-babble...learning to loop is like
learning a new instrument and although i have a lot to
learn, i feel that i have found the place to learn it.

on a side note, i'm looking for a talented guitar
player in the new york area to fill a void being left
by my soon to be atlanta-living guitarist.  the music
is all original and has a psychadelic/jazz/funk/groove
vibe to it and is heavily improv oriented.  this band
is very open to new ideas and feels and everyone adds
their personality to music brought to the table.  if
anyone out there has any interest in getting together
to jam, drop me a line at evanmeyers@yahoo.com

swimming in the loop pool,
e va n|n av e

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