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RE: echoplex question

Cliff asked politely:

I don't have a midi pedal and I can't quite understand how this works- 
you explain it differently?

Well, sure.  To do this without a MIDI pedal, perform the following (with
mating dance in progress):
1)   Begin recording on the Echoplex with feedback down all the way.
2)   End recording with overdub, turn down feedback all the way and play
second layer.
3)   End second layer with overdub (ya know, turn off overdub) and turn
feedback up all the way.
Easier with feedback pedal--one foot hits overdub, the other controls the
pedal--and even easier if you are seated--this however can hinder mating

> Not to be contrary (no, really) but there is an easy way to do this with 
> MIDI pedal.  End the loop with a message containing info to turn on
> and turn down the feedback all the way.  Then end the second pass with a
> message containing info to turn off overdub and turn up the feedback all
> way.  Purty elegant and it achieves the desired effect--great for
> a melody, then chords, and then just chords over which to solo yer brains
> out (use caution: results are more interesting to the player than the
> listening party).
> Gary
> PS  Have I mentioned recently that my looper can kick your looper's butt
> and down the street?
> PPS  I wanna go to San Luis Obispo
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> Subject: Re: echoplex question
> > i have been asking around, and i have heard that the
> > echoplex can do this.  i searched for some information
> > on the echoplex, but couldn't find much.  can anyone
> > confirm that the echoplex can do this?  also, what
> > else can the echoplex handle?  is there anywhere that
> > i can read more about the echoplex?  and when
> > purchasing this kind of a unit, do i need to purchase
> > a floor board for it as well (i plan to do all of my
> > looping in a live situation).
> The echoplex >can't< do this. It can do a lot of other cool things, but 
> is a single, mono track machine. You can have more than one loop, but not
> the same time. The repeater can, however.
> bIz
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