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Echoplex power use was Re: echoplex question

> I don't have a midi pedal and I can't quite understand how this works-
> you explain it differently?
> Cliff

If  I understand corrrectly, it's a sophisticated, and musical trick, very
worth of keeping track of, and adding to the looper's delight tips and

1. You record your loop, go straight into overdub, with no feedback of the
original signal. Consequently, the original loop plays back only once.

2. Since you are in overdub, you are still recording, so you can lay down
the second layer of the loop imediately.

3. Before the loop starts again, and after any of the first layer has
finished, you turn the feedback back up. Voila, the first loop is gone, the
second loop plays on. Excellent.

You don't need midi to do it, if you stay in overdub mode - just control
over the feedback. Basicly, just make sure feedback stays at zero during 
last repeat of the first layer, while you are recording the new stuff, and
then goes back to full when the loop starts again.

It doesn't have to be a 'fresh' loop either; you should be able to pull 
off in the middle of a set. This is a very musical way to make a 
though everything would have to make harmonic sense (whatever harmonic 
means to you at the time), since it would be playing together for one loop.

> > PS  Have I mentioned recently that my looper can kick your looper's 
> up
> > and down the street?
> > PPS  I still want a Repeater.

Which one? :>

It sure sounds to me like your echoplex can kick my echoplex's butt up and
down the street, in midi sync :>


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