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Re: My firstest online example.

>> Alright, I have finally posted my very first example of me and my
>> Boomerang online.  At first I wasn't going to post it here, being all
>> bashful and new, and definitely on the tamer end of the looping field, 
>> then I decided, eh, what the hell.
>> Definitely not very artsy, just kind of spacey and weird, integrated
>> into a Neil Young song.  Don't point and laugh (or if you do, just 
>don't do
>> it online ;)
>> http://www.feenomenal.com/dbtr.html
>> Comments/criticism appreciated ... (Private email of course)
> Hey, nice stuff! It's cool to see looping integrated so cleanly into
> a song format (and I think Neil might even approve, though the
> boomerang is digital :-). Are you getting the "filter sweep" sound by
> tweaking the EQ on your guitar? Cool effect!

i concur-to boldly go where few men dare:in front of a crowd w/ nothin but 
smile,a guitar,a boomer and a whole lotta cajones. goodonya my man.
and n.young wouldnt mind digital-he releases cds doesnt he ;-)