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EDP: Visual Feedback feedback

... Or "how can I tell what feedback setting my EDP is at when using a
volume pedal?"

Yes, the first answer is "Get used to your volume pedal".  But for those
of us that grew up driving in Detroit, your foot is permanantly
programmed to press all the way, or not at all, and developing a finer
sense of control without a visual queue is difficult. (whaaa...

So Kim/Matthias, how difficult would it be, one day, to have the EDP
display the feedback setting on the front panel while it's being
adjusted -- and then return to normal display when it's not?  Display
could read the midi setting (0 - 127) or a simple percentage.

Actually this goes for the Repeater too, but I'm pretty sure they've
stopped paying attention to the list for the most part.