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Re: zoom 2100

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> several months ago i lent my 2100 to a friend and got it back a week
> ago.....i didnt care to put it back in my "chain" so it sat on a
> shelf.....this week, one of my 3 powerstips died, i did not know this 
> happen, and i was running a second powerstrip off of the dead
> one.....needless to say, i lost about 75% of my toys and another 8.7% of 
> sanity......being afraid to leave my house for anything but work, i have 
> system to speak of.....had to loop, what can i do, im 
> lets put the 2100 into my champ and play guitar into it.....goodness me, 
> it sound good.....i played several hours with this "simple" set-up, this 
> me look at the 2100 in a whole new light.....i learned more in one day 
> the whole time the 2100 was a part of my "BIG" system (one of many button
> blinking lite boxes).....the main thing i learned: you can set up a loop 
> the 2100 and change the new inputable sounds with the loop still playing 
> within the 2100 itself).....what a bonus.....is there an easy way to 
>push all
> three buttons to get all three 5 sec. loops going at once?.....:)m

when you say "lost", do you mean, (ulp) deep-fried? yeeks, a question i 
have is
how can such a thing be prevented? is it really bad form to chain together
multiple power strips, which i've seen done all the time, often by myself,
actually... (i must have been out sick the day they covered this in 

lance g.