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zoom 2100

several months ago i lent my 2100 to a friend and got it back a week 
ago.....i didnt care to put it back in my "chain" so it sat on a 
shelf.....this week, one of my 3 powerstips died, i did not know this 
happen, and i was running a second powerstrip off of the dead 
one.....needless to say, i lost about 75% of my toys and another 8.7% of 
sanity......being afraid to leave my house for anything but work, i have 
system to speak of.....had to loop, what can i do, im 
lets put the 2100 into my champ and play guitar into it.....goodness me, 
it sound good.....i played several hours with this "simple" set-up, this 
me look at the 2100 in a whole new light.....i learned more in one day 
the whole time the 2100 was a part of my "BIG" system (one of many button 
blinking lite boxes).....the main thing i learned: you can set up a loop 
the 2100 and change the new inputable sounds with the loop still playing 
within the 2100 itself).....what a bonus.....is there an easy way to push 
three buttons to get all three 5 sec. loops going at once?.....:)m