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Brave New EDP

Hey guys--
Check it out--the new OS is going to have PRESETS!  Sysx is swell but it
looks like you can store your options in slots and call them up with 
changes.  I call that real good news. (EDP finally using p ch!)
I can't wait for this!!!!

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Subject: Re: SV: A New EDP Bein' Born

could you explain why sysex is more flexible and more efficient?
it seems like it will be more difficult to program a pedal.
won't we have to enter binary data for each switch?
and aren't midi controller's designed for just this purpose?

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> At 11:51 PM 2/18/2002, Per Boysen wrote:
> > > Från: Matthias Grob [mailto:matthias@grob.org]
> >
> > >>  > As if 8th/Cycle would be accessible via midi?
> > >>>  (that's a no-brainer for my wish list ;-)
> > >>
> > >>You mean other than the current implementation?  Because all front
> > >>functions are accessable via MIDI.
> > >>
> > >>By adjusting the 8ths/beat (via front panel, custom footswitch, or
> > MIDI) you
> > >>can adjust the rate at which the EDP emits MIDI sync pulses.
> >
> > > Thanks to Claude, in the upgrade, this 8th/beat change only happens
> > > at the first loop end after you come back from parameter state. With
> > > this, you dont jump arround timings and keep the beat one in relation
> > > to the slaved sequencer.
> >
> > >>I understood that in the Update many of these parameters will have
> > dedicated
> > >>midi cc #s...?
> > >
> > > uh, no, we thought that Sysex is more efficient!
> > > --
> >
> >Do I get this right now? To be able to change 8th/cycle, while playing,
> >have to use a midi pedal board that is capable of sending sysex when a
> >is pressed?
> >(not the same as "doing a sysex dump of program parameters")
> one way is sysex control of individual parameters. If your pedal can't do
> that it's lame, get a real pedal. sysex is the most flexible approach.
> 2nd way is using the new presets feature with a different setting in each
> one, then use midi program change commands to change it on the fly.
> 3rd is what you have already, use midi to virtually press the front panel
> buttons to edit a parameter. Kind of awkward, but you can sequence the
> presses to go quickly.
> kim
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