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Re: new mexico radio spam - - *most likely* ot

Thanks for the heads-up stig!  you can bet i will be listening...
 i dont know about this "phoned in interview" stuff, i think you
 should have come here in person!

KUNM has a audio stream, so others that are interested can
listen in here:



"Liebig, Steuart A." wrote:

> howdy,
> i think there are some folks in the albuquerque area .  . .
> thursday, 21 feb, at 12:06 p.m.
> "all dat jazz" on kunm (89.9) will be having a program featuring a lot
> of my music.
> i'm not really sure if there will be any stuff with loopage in it, it
> depends on what the host is going to play. if it's my composed/improv
> stuff, the chances are that there will be no loopage (unless he plays
> the "concerto" for nels cline); if it's the more improv oriented
> stuff, it *may* have some loopage in there.
> i did some phoned-in intros to some of the stuff, so you get to hear
> me blow some hot air, too.
> back to our regularly scheduled stuff . . .
> stig