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Re: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request

At 01:34 AM 2/18/2002, Om_Audio wrote:
>I see that Mute silences the Output but for me it would be really useful
>if it also silenced the input to the loop in Delay mode- I use Delay
>mode then Overdub to grab chunks of my playing and process/record it
>down the chain- I wonder if I am missing something that allows this
>already? If not- is it possibly included in the upgrade? Thanks-

Matthias already mentioned about the change for the Hold function during 
mute, but there is a reason why the input is left open in delay mode 
mute. This was done at the request of many users who were used to 
traditional delays in this fashion. With the delay output muted they could 
freely play, and then when they have just played something they liked they 
could unmute the delay and have that much come back. Then they could 
essentially duet with themselves as the inspiration hit, or basically 
capture a loop *after* having played it. In other words, after playing for 
a while you decide you want a thing you just finished to become a loop, so 
you can unmute it and hold it easily instead of then having to replay it 
you record it.

In the regular loop mode, the input is muted during Mute, and this is a 
significant difference between the two. So if you don't want things to be 
feeding the delay during mute, you might consider using loop mode instead.


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