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RE: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request

Hehe- I just re-read your post- I get it- there is no "freeze"
parameter- Cliff

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Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 11:44 PM
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Subject: Re: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request

>Well- if I use ODub in delay mode I capture a loop and nothing else
>added unless I press ODub again and play more sound into the delay
line- so
>for me it seems natural to think that the state of ODub would remain
>same if I press Mute or not- but in this case pressing Mute
>ODub- make sense? I hope so- but it sounds like you changed the code
>already- so what am I bitching about?? :)

Yes, I hope I did what you want. No, Mute does not un-press Overdub:
If its on freeze, during Mute, the loop stays the same,
if its not on freeze, during Mute we go on fading out and loading new 
sound, just the output is muted.
Bitching? no, just wishing... thinking along...

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>From: "Matthias Grob" <matthias@grob.org>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 12:40 PM
>Subject: Re: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request
>>  Cliff asks:
>>  >I see that Mute silences the Output but for me it would be really
>>  >if it also silenced the input to the loop in Delay mode- I use
>>  >mode then Overdub to grab chunks of my playing and process/record
>>  >down the chain- I wonder if I am missing something that allows this
>>  >already? If not- is it possibly included in the upgrade? Thanks-
>>  Yes, in Loop4, in DelayMode, the "Hold" (Overdub lit) freezes also
>>  when you go to Mute.
>>  Is that what you are saying?
>>  This is almost a bug in Loop3, but it took years until the users
>>  started to get bothered...
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