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Re:EDP Undo everything

Steve said:
>Thanks, Matthias -- looking forward to Loop 4.  Also, I agree with 
>Mountain Man (see below).
>One of the things that would make undo more usable for me would be
>having the short press be the "undo everything."

Ok, "undo everything" is pretty simple to do, so we could introduce 
it even at this stage.
But it would be the long press, because there is no way to do a 
longpress without doing a short press first (sounds trivial but 
brings serious problems for the user interface!)

So short press does undo one (modified) layer back from the point it 
is pressed.
Long press would go straight back to the oldest verstion still available.
This may not be sufficiant, since you may not know which this oldest 
version is. I would not memorize the very first version separately, 
so you would get the same version as you can get now by pressing Undo 
a zilllion times (until the LED goes off).
So you can get the same by programming a MIDI button with a zillion UNDO 

We would aslo loose the "errase from the beginning of the previous loop"
In turn we could make Undo quantized (when Quantize is selected) to 
achieve this.
I am afraid to make changes that take away functions because someone 
may be hurt by it. But in this case...

what does everyone think?


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