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A New EDP Bein' Born

<big snip>
Matthias said:
<Long press would go straight back to the oldest verstion still available.
<This may not be sufficiant, since you may not know which this oldest
<version is. I would not memorize the very first version separately,
<so you would get the same version as you can get now by pressing Undo
<a zilllion times (until the LED goes off).
<So you can get the same by programming a MIDI button with a zillion UNDO

I did one of these--undo "bomb"--I wonder if a zillion short presses 

<We would aslo loose the "errase from the beginning of the previous loop"
<In turn we could make Undo quantized (when Quantize is selected) to
<achieve this.
<I am afraid to make changes that take away functions because someone
<may be hurt by it. But in this case...

<what does everyone think?
---> http://Matthias.Grob.org

I would be happy with a MIDI command for this function, instead of trying 
implement it in the foot controller/front panel.
I am understanding that MIDI implementation is deeper in the upgrade.
I assume that the "reserved" button is getting gobbled up?

Matthias also contributed some free verse on being free yet synched--
Obviously "lock stepped" is less interesting, but unsynched is chaotic (tho
some may like that).
The human animal tries to find order, but the machine just follows orders.
There is something called "fuzzy logic" that tries to achieve what man does
naturally.  I am looking forward to that being integrated into the delay