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Re: Help. New EDP less than perfect...

More information...

It appears to work fine if I don't have an expression pedal (EV-5) 
to the feedback jack. If I do connect a pedal -- even one that works just
fine in my older Oberheim EDP -- I get an effect that's somewhere between a
tremolo and distortion which builds up each time the loop cycles.

I'd really rather not have to send this unit back having just gotten it, 
more than that I'd like for it to work properly.

Any hints?


on 2/17/02 3:18 PM, Mark Hamburg at mark_hamburg@baymoon.com wrote:

> My new EDP (delivered this past week), seems to add noise to the loop 
>when I
> leave it running. Overdub is off. It still seems to be feeding back at 
> But there's a rumble that builds up under or replaces the signal.
> A quick search of my archives brought up various issues that would cause
> continual decay, but I didn't see anything specifically about this sort 
> problem.
> Mark