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RE: Help. New EDP less than perfect...

I had a problem that sounds exactly like yours- it had to do with
certain timing crystals that were out of spec (I think)- but as far as I
know the new Trace Elliot models had this issue licked- It is a new unit
so I am sure Gibson will be happy to help you get it cleared up-
whatever the issue may be- 


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Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 3:19 PM
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Subject: Help. New EDP less than perfect...

My new EDP (delivered this past week), seems to add noise to the loop
when I
leave it running. Overdub is off. It still seems to be feeding back at
But there's a rumble that builds up under or replaces the signal.

A quick search of my archives brought up various issues that would cause
continual decay, but I didn't see anything specifically about this sort