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Re: Loops looptimes timing and Questions (and loop4)

With Andys musical, philosophical and tecnical questioning, he made 
me see clearer what he does not mention in his post:

We have levels and ranges of Quantisation (a better word, please?) :

Immediate = Start at button press / Stop at button press
        (keep the musicians impulse)
Rounding = Start at button press / Stop at a multiple time
        (keep the rhythm)
Quantizing = Start at next beat one / Stop at next beat one
        (keep rhythm and bar structure)

Are there any more such levels?

Those Quantisation levels represent somehow the conflict Freedom >< 
We dont have the freedom not to select one level at any time.

maybe the picture of a business balance calulation helps:

* Quantized
The classical way to do the balance is every January 1. Employees 
have to work long hours after eating too much and sleeping little at 

* Round Up
Maybe the business has been opened at March 1, so its easy and 
obvious to do the balance after a year, every March 1. But the tax 
institute may not accept it.

* RetroQuantize?
So you can do the caluculation at March 1, but using the bills up to Dez 
(hey, this is not implemented yet! Would anyone want this?)

* Round Down
If you miss the end of March and calculate at April 10, you can omit 
ten days of the previous year and do April 10 - April 10 (nobody 
would do that, but it explains how the Round Down case of my Multiply 
function works ;-)

* Immediate
The most modern way is to let the computer calculate the balance over 
any period. This is not comparable data, but still tells you about 
any period you may be interested in.

* Time Stretch?
You can mathematically extend an immediate calculation of any period 
to a whole year!
This is dangerous, because you THINK you know what happens that year...

Apart from the level, we also select the range of the Quantisation:
In the business picture, it means that you can do a monthly, 
quarterly or yearly calculation.
Loop4 quantizes to: none - 8th - cycle - loop, while it only rounds to 

Well, Business is not a nice picture, please come up with a better one!

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